Road Trip South: The Travel Spoon

St. Marys, GA to Chattahoochee, FL — Along the way to Chattahoochee, Lucy and I caught up on our past year in grad school.  She’s studying youth; I prefer older adults, mostly because they can’t get pregnant and I can outrun them if needed.  And they remind me of my grandparents.  We discussed the politics of school, who was positioning for what and how we were both on a tight budget.

“Well, we can stop to get groceries to save a little money,” I said.  “For breakfast.  I mean we have bowls now, since we saved those yogurt containers.”


“Since we saved those yogurt containers from breakfast.  We can use those for bowls.”

Lucy turned to look at me.

“Uh, I threw mine away.”

“Okay.  Well…at least we have silverware.  We can get more yogurt and just use the spoons.””

Lucy stared, eyes bigger.

“The spoons?”

“Yeah, that you used for breakfast.  The travel spoon?”

“Um, so I threw that away.”

“You threw away my travel spoon?!”

“I thought it was disposable!”

It was my turn to stare at her except that I was driving.

“I’ll get you another one!”  These are the things you learn when you travel with someone.

Taking the Exit 270A off of Highway 10, we passed a massive abandoned Jai-Alai building on our way to the Chattahoochee KOA.  The KOA is on a hobby farm.  Horses stared at us as we proceeded to do laundry and wash the sunscreen off our bodies.  We shared a spoon that night.south11

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