Jill_Eelkema_2Welcome to Champs Like Us.

I am a sometimes-social worker, student-teacher and lover of life.  The things that inspire me are backroads, older adults, overgrown trails, and any do-it-yourself-but-not-alone project.  I’m a sucker for spontaneous swimming outside and baths with a glass of wine.  I believe in advocacy for the underdog, eggs-over-easy and smiling at strangers.

Please feel welcome to rummage around the kitchen and make yourself at home.  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. SO enjoyed the “expecting” read. SOrta like when we ask someone, “How are you, today?” and the typical response is, “Fine, and you?” “Fine.” We really arent wanting to know how they are doing today and Usually most folks arent always “fine” either. Empathy and Compassion – alil Understanding go along long way. The questions you ask makes a profound statement to the person you are asking. YOU MATTER !! … what a lovely surprise your Writing, Jill. 🙂 I am anxious to read more now. ….. BTW, YOU MATTER! ❤


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