Regarding “25,000 Mornings: 8 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine”*

As of today, I’ve seen 13,002.
I wonder how many of them have been
without a pillowcase,
without sheets,
(only one corner of the fitted sheet loose)
without pajamas,
with someone,
pinned by a dog who shouldn’t be on the bed,
pinned by a human who shouldn’t be on the bed.
With someone.

I consider myself a morning person
Who doesn’t wake up at the same time
Enough to be a morning person.
What kills me is the consistency stuff.
Oh discipline, what agony!
I bleed every time I think of doing
The same thing
Every day.

If I were a farmer,
The cows in my barn would go back to their natural rhythms.
I am more of a swallow, a bat.
I’m water seeping in between the cracks of the steps,
And less of a thunderstorm
in June.

Oh I read often of becoming more disciplined,
Of improving my morning routine
(writing at least one hour every day,
exercising my core,
drinking less coffee,
more honey).

I add to my “to-do” list that I will make a better “to-do” list,
(On nicer paper!) telling myself:
make these habits now so that
When you are old,
You will be a samurai and everyone will say,
“She does the same thing every day.
How beautiful is her garden.”

And just like that (that’s all it takes)
I change my routine,
that I may become more disciplined.

*article by James Clear, retrieved from  I will never be James.

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