Craigslist Advertising Experiment

Objective: to write an ad creative enough to sell a 1999 Toyota PreRunner 2WD within 24-hours of posting

— posted 26 April 2012 —

The rational part of my brain knows I need a vehicle which gets over 30mpg as I head off to school but my heart will always be in a truck. I guess it’s one of those relationships…and I always fall for a good pick-up line.

SWT with 151K ISO Forever Driver:

I am a Single White Truck, 1999 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner with 151K miles in search of my forever driver. I’m a clean-titled, natural extended cab who loves a good road trip and letting my tailgate down every once in awhile. Like most Toyota Tacomas, I’m low maintenance and strong-willed.  I may be 2WD but I sport a TRD package with a V6 under my hood and locking rear differential – just call me a tow animal!  I can be serious too – I’m clean, have good Michelin tires with 15K miles rotated every 5K, and receive regular servicing at my local import garage with synthetic oil changes every 5K miles. I take good care of myself but in full disclosure, I have a small tear in my driver’s seat, some clear-coat cracking on my canopy and a rub-mark on the tailgate where my canopy closes. You’ll appreciate the little things about me too – like my locking canopy with interior light, bedliner, power doors/locks, keyless entry, CD and cassette tape player, AM/FM, heat/AC, and jump-seats with seatbelts. You take me home with a new set of snow chains too. Asking $xxxx based on the KBB price. I’m not one to check my profile often so call me at (360) One-23-4567 or shoot me an email.

I sold the truck the next day.

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